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Notes From The Grooming Table DIGITAL EXPERIENCE

Notes From The Grooming Table

Digital Experience

New to Grooming? Been Grooming for years? Already have a copy of Notes from the Grooming Table? You will LOVE the DIGITAL EXPERIENCE! One of the most important tools in your toolbox!

Notes From The Grooming Table

Digital Experience

The Best Selling Grooming Guide is now Digital!

  • We had YOU in mind when we created a DIGITAL EXPERIENCE of your favorite book, Notes from the Grooming Table.
  • More than an eBook: it is the FIRST and ONLY customizable digital grooming guide.
  • Access it anywhere and anytime!
  • Take notes, Draw your patterns, bookmark pages, and also GOOGLE Translate on your mobile device.
  • Quick search with keywords within hundreds of breeds to elevate your grooming skills.

Get your subscription for only $6.99/month!*

*plus taxes if applicable
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Same incredibly helpful information, but now easier to use!

  • Interactive
  • Any Breed
  • Fast & Easy

Grooming Guide


Different from any other e-book - Full interactive experience with: personal notes, highlights, bookmark pages, keyword search and even google translation!
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Groomers On The Go


Designed to answer the common need of todays’ grooming professionals to access information anywhere at any time on personal computer and mobile devices.
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Any Breed

Diagrams, instructions and photos of standard and modified trims, right at your fingertips.
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Fast & Easy

Fast access to instructions which makes grooming easier, resulting in more income potential!
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How It Works

“Super amazing for the baby groomer and experienced groomer alike. Literally shows how to groom every breed under the sun! Love love love this guide!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Notes From The Grooming Table Digital Experience, different than any other eBook?
The Notes From The Grooming Table Digital Experience is a fully interactive experience! You will be able to personalize each page with your own notes, drawings, highlights, bookmarks and did you know that you can even get a paragraph translated or read to you?
What happens to all my notes & drawings if I don’t renew my subscription?
We will send reminders before your subscription expires and you will have 14 days after expiration date to renew for the annual or monthly license. If you decide not to renew, then the license will expire and you will not have access to your personal data anymore.
Can I have just one book subscription for the entire salon team?
Potentially yes you can but you have to consider that all your profile information will be shared with your entire team and the notes and drawings could be potentially deleted or changed by anyone else but you.
If I buy one monthly subscription and download the Paragon Grooming Guide app, can I use the same login if I want to read the book online instead of on my mobile device?
Yes! Your license subscription will give you access to your reader online or on any mobile device.
Why the book is available only through monthly or yearly subscription instead of a simple download once and forever?
Well, the power of the Notes From The Grooming Table Digital Experience is that it will be periodically updated with supporting materials like photos, videos, audio instructions and new breed instructions. We don’t want you to pay for a new book every time we have an update… we are here to help you achieve your success!
Why do I need to download the book instead of being able to just open it?
Because the book can work offline so if you have no internet connection you can still have access to all the information in your book.
When I try to open the book why am I asked to download it again after I did it already?
This means there’s been an update or enhancement to your book so you will want to download it again.
I subscribed to pay monthly but would like the convenience of an annual subscription. May I switch?
Yes, you can switch your subscription from monthly to annual right in your Paragon Account. Just make sure to keep your credit card information updated in your profile to avoid cancellation.
I cannot find an answer to the technical question I have. Who do I contact?
Please contact [email protected] for any technical questions.